Why Mastersteel tyres?

Choosing Mastersteel tyres means choosing comfort and safety in all circumstances.

Mastersteel tyres are characterized by the balanced mix between quality and price. Thanks to the innovative design and production techniques, the tyre construction, the choice of rubber compound and the well thought-out profile designs, Mastersteel tyres perform optimally under all circumstances. All versions are tailored to the different seasons. The summer, all-season and winter tires therefore perform optimally with their own unique characteristics under the specific weather conditions. The driving and braking properties are reliable and predictable. This increases comfort and safety.

Mastersteel, innovative, safe and reliable with competitive pricing.

"Reliable tires at a competitive price!"



Tip for the season

Mastersteel Supersport 2

The Supersport 2 has been specially developed for larger mid-range cars, cars in the more luxurious premium segment and the sporty class. This high-performance tyre gives you maximum control over the power and speed delivered. The Mastersteel Supersport 2 guarantees reliable driving and braking characteristics and optimum driving comfort. As a result, even during extreme manoeuvres, the car remains easily steerable and under control. Even on wet road surfaces!

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